Catch up on DMA’s Recent BIM in Housing Event

Monday, November 16th, 2020

Tune in to hear about how Housing Departments are dealing with changes (of which we have had a lot lately), day-to-day issues and new regulations such as the upcoming Building Safety Bill. This recent webinar was hosted by David Miller Architects, Airey Miller, Activeplan and Devonshires, with guest speaker, Emma Richman, Executive Director Of Operations at Peaks and Plains Housing Trust. DMA’s Andrew de Silva, ‘Das’, spoke about how BIM can help maintain the quality of information throughout the lifecycle of the building by linking the specification and the geometric data. If you’d like to find out more about this or about BIM in Housing more generally, please contact

BIM in Housing was established in 2018 as an interactive workshop that brings together developers/owners and their supply chains to understand the issues they are encountering, how Better Information Management (BIM) can help and provide practical tips and advice. The questions that have been raised in the workshop drive the agenda and have been adopted by BIM4Housing, where working groups of experts are drawing on them to produce “How To” guides.

You can watch the Virtual BIM in Housing webinar that took place in November here.