Sustainability – Where Are We Now?

Monday, September 18th, 2017


Katy Van Geffen was invited to join a topical debate on sustainability and its impact on modern methods of construction and the positive effect it’s having on how we design and build. The event was organised by the RIBA Journal and Dow Building Solutions.

Katy is a graduate from the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales and has qualifications in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies as well as Architecture. She provides specialist sustainability advice to clients on energy efficient strategies and how best to achieve policy requirements.

As the youngest person on the panel, Katy’s contribution and knowledge was invaluable and her contribution took the debate in a new direction, considering advances in technology, BIM, the increasing amount of data we now collect and the effect of all this on the role of the architect.

The session reappraised what sustainability really is and built environments approach, and how BIM fits into the wider picture.

Katy commented: “It was an extremely interesting morning, with diverse points of view from various sectors across the built environment. For me, there is no question we should be synchronising BIM and sustainability. By doing so we maximise the opportunities for architects to put sustainability at the heart of the process, to future-proof our buildings and deliver better asset management through data control.”

To see some of the projects Katy has worked on, see here.