School Community Room Opens

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

School Community Room Opens

Completed in June, this project converted a dark, damp, single-storey, flat-roofed ‘shed’ into a community room with kitchen and store. In the words of headteacher, David Tomlinson,

Barrow Hill 6

“If you walk into the playground today it is still the first thing you see but there is a difference; you feel optimistic and can see a building that houses people who care about what they do. I love the change and design; we were listened to as a community and as clients. The correlation between how a place looks and how it makes us feel and how this alters how we use it is exemplified here… Instead of an unloved eyesore we have a room that makes you feel like you want to do your best so you can live up to it. It is impacting on how we use other spaces too… It is a building that has been transformed – and taken us with it.”

Barrow Hill 1