Sam Bernard of Dyson to Deliver Keynote Speech at Guerrilla Tactics

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

As creative director of this year’s RIBA Guerrilla Tactics Conference, David Miller has brought in Sam Bernard, Global Category Director – Engineering at Dyson, as keynote speaker.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘The Power of Small, embracing agility in practice to effect big change’. The conference will celebrate the ability of small practices to innovate and lead in a commercial environment that is rapidly evolving due to new technologies.

Although Dyson are certainly no longer small, they are expert in incremental innovation. David Miller explains:

‘Innovation is rarely the result of a flash of inspiration or a single light bulb moment, rather it’s the result of many planned incremental steps, carefully executed, reviewed and evaluated. It’s the accumulation of these small changes that allows us to evolve and improve how we work. This can ultimately lead us to a new method or technique that is perceived as disruptive, but that disruption will have been hard won’.

To read more about Dyson’s approach and to buy tickets, see the RIBA website here.

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