No Gender Pay Gap at David Miller Architects

Thursday, April 5th, 2018


As we employ less than 250 people here at DMA, the practice is technically exempt from reporting on gender pay. However, following RIBA President Ben Derbyshire’s call for small practices to voluntarily publish we’re proud to share our results that show we are positively challenging the industry norm in our team which is made up of 56% women and 44% men.

The average hourly pay difference overall is 5.75% in favour of women, but with parity across roles, whilst there is no difference at all in the median rate. Gender breakdown by pay quartile is:


M         F

Upper Quartile                 50%      50%

Upper Middle Quartile    40%      60%

Lower Middle Quartile    25%      75%

Lower Quartile                  60%      40%


Fiona Clark, Co-owner and Practice Director commented “These statistics come as no surprise to us as from day one we’ve been committed to making the practice an appealing place to work where everyone is treated equally.”