My Work Experience Week by Shaffi

Friday, June 16th, 2017


This week we were joined by Year 10 work experience student Shaffi Mohammed Haq Chowdhury from Quintin Kynaston Community Academy in St. John’s Wood, North London.

With a flair for design and a desire to explore the realm of architecture, we opened our doors for the week to Shaffi to show him what is it exactly we do here at DMA and the wider-world of modern day architecture.

And this is what Shaffi had to say after his five days at DMA:

1. Are you considering a future career in design and construction?

I am considering a future in design and construction. I enjoy designing and I very much hope one day to be able to turn my ideas into a reality.

I would like to help contribute to the world by designing buildings which are more eco-friendly, sustainable and safer.

2. Can you tell us (before you spent time here at DMA this week) your perceived view of architecture and the role of an architect?

Initially I thought the role of an architect would be pretty stressful given all of the responsibility they have, and in the beginning, I thought I would perhaps struggle with the design software because I had never used it before.

3. Has this view changed now and if so how?

My view has changed and for the better, I now have a clearer idea of what architecture is and what architects do, and my passion for architecture has increased. I am highly likely to pursue a career in architecture now.

At the start, I was a bit nervous to use the Revit software, then I became confident in using it, after exploring what it can do and learning from my mistakes.

4. If you had to describe the role of an architect in three words what would they be? (3 words only!)


5. What projects have you worked on here at DMA this week and what did you do?

I was given a scenario where I was asked to design a home for a family of four. It needed to include outdoor space and to make it environmentally friendly.

I placed solar panels on the roof of my design and made the property spacious.

6. What are the key points you’ll take away from you experience here at DMA this week?

Learning how to use Revit is something I will cherish forever. This will certainly benefit me in the future, on the path of becoming an architect.

Also, I learnt to never give up! Even if things get complicated and tough, I learnt to overcome the problem.