My Work Experience Week by Jennifer

Friday, August 18th, 2017

Last week we were joined by Jennifer Rojas, a sixth form student who came to us through the Fitzrovia Youth in Action work placement mentoring initiative that actively encourages local businesses and organisations to provide young people with work experience opportunities that they might otherwise have difficulty accessing.

Whilst in the office, Jennifer designed a scheme for two family houses in Queens Park. She said of her experience,

“I am considering a career in architecture because I feel like it is a career where you can work with other people and they can benefit from your creativity. It is also something that I highly enjoy doing…

One of the key points that I will take forward from my work experience here is realising that you can’t have an exact idea from beginning because, throughout the process of design, you will make a lot of changes that suit the site more.”

For more information on Fitzrovia Youth in Action and their employment support projects, click here.