Lunchtime Jenga at the LFA Warren Street Party

Thursday, June 6th, 2024

The DMA team, together with work experience student, Otto, had a brilliant lunchtime Jenga game at the London Festival of Architecture Warren Street Party today! The party marked the opening of ‘Rabbit Warren Street’, an installation created by Able Partners with Elliott Wood, that transforms the street into a ‘meadow’ complete with bunnies and an eye-catching 3D mural.

This ‘reimagining’ of Warren Street is the result of a competition run by The Fitzrovia Partnership with LFA earlier this year for a scheme improving the public realm around Warren Street which characterises the district and promotes less polluted pathways. Able Partners and Elliott Wood have done a brilliant job and the structures and signage really do draw you into the street.

The project is the first part of a four-year partnership between The Fitzrovia Partnership and the London Festival of Architecture, which will focus on improving gateways into Fitzrovia and testing and implementing successful public realm schemes to improve navigation and the overall experience around the area. You can find more information about the project and the London Festival of Architecture here.