David Miller to present at BIM for Beginners

Thursday, October 19th, 2017


David Miller is to speak at the latest The B1M event, ‘BIM for Beginners – The Why, What and How’, on 22nd November at The Building Centre in London.

The conference builds on The B1M’s popular ‘BIM for Beginners’ programme that aims to spell out, in clear and uncomplicated language, what BIM is all about, what it means and how you can implement it into your business. This award winning series has gone on to be used by over 500 organisations and project teams across six continents and is deeply embedded within HS2’s BIM Upskilling Portal.

The Building Centre is to host the event at its headquarters in Store Street with a line-up of speakers including Fred Mills of The B1M, John Eynon from the UK BIM Alliance and David.

The conference will outline and explain:

· The basics of what UK BIM Level 2 is – with the jargon broken down and put into straight-forward, understandable language.
· The basics of how to work and collaborate in a UK BIM Level 2 environment.
· An introduction to the key documentation and guidance developed by the UK Government to support UK BIM Level 2.
· The “big picture”; an understanding of why BIM matters to you and your organisation – including how it can improve your bottom line.
· Tips for successfully implementing UK BIM Level 2 within your established cultures and working practices.
· A real-life demonstration of “BIM Level 2 in practice” from a UK architecture practice.
· A high-level appreciation of UK BIM Level 3, the Digital Built Britain agenda and how it relates to UK BIM Level 2.
· The opportunity to directly question, debate with and seek advice from our expert panel.

If you would like to register for this morning-only conference, please register here.