David Miller Architects Wins Prestigious Global Good SME of the Year Award

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

David Miller Architects (DMA) was awarded Global Good’s prestigious SME of the Year award on 19th June 2019. The award is a high accolade, recognising DMA’s commitment to sustainability and social impact. The award is given to the Small or Medium Enterprise (250 employees or less) that is operating with the most effective and comprehensive purpose-driven sustainability in mind. The judges looked at activities relating to social impact, including innovation, employee well-being, and community engagement and even the awards ceremony itself ran true to theme and was as sustainable as possible (many awards events are not), with the founder, Karen Sutton, drawing attention to the problem of plastic waste with a dress made of recycled crisp packets.

DMA Practice Director, Fiona Clark said: “All of us at DMA are passionate about creating an inclusive culture which places social value at the heart of everything we do – which is why this recognition from the Global Good Awards means so much. Our investment in our team, and our approach to social value, is helping us to make significant progress in bringing more young people, women and under-represented groups into the construction sector. Working on our social value initiatives also helps our staff to gain valuable leadership, management and communication skills, which leads to career progression, and boosts both confidence and job satisfaction.

“As an SME, we can create as much of an impact as a larger corporation. Having a Social Value Strategy in place helps us to empower not just the wider industry, but the local community.

“We’re a technology led practice so we actively seek out, and help to generate, digital-natives in new recruits. By providing opportunities for young people to have a taste of a career in construction and showcase what, to most is a whole new world, it is very exciting and we can all play a part in educating and training new, young construction professionals”.

For more information on the event and the winners see here.