Construction’s SMEs Need You!

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017


We had the pleasure of working with The B1M and Class of Your Own on this short film on the need to encourage young talent into the construction industry. Construction offers a world of opportunity for inspiring minds, digital technology enthusiasts and creative thinkers. We had lots of fun making this with many of our industry colleagues and peers. Great job everyone!

DMA are always happy to support the Design Engineer Construct programme. Part of the Government’s construction strategy, the DEC curriculum aims to attract secondary school pupils into the construction industry. With initiatives such as the ‘Class of Your Own’ competition, where students are asked to design an eco-classroom for their school, a collaborative working approach is promoted at an early age as well as real experience in analysis, design, sustainability, the latest technology and communicating their ideas. With this project-based approach to learning, students and staff become the design team, engaging with and supported by practising professionals from across the construction industry. For more information, see here.