BIM4Housing – Solving Live and Pressing Problems Together

Friday, July 10th, 2020

DMA’s Andrew de Silva is one of the founders of BIM4Housing where he heads up the Design working group, one of six that have been set up. These are new cross-industry working groups, set up specifically for organisations involved in the design, construction, management and delivery of housing. The idea is to bring together people with expertise from all the different parts of the housing supply chain, to identify the challenges that clients and their supply chain are experiencing and to work together to come up with BIM-led solutions.

It leads on from a series of seminars that DMA took part in during 2018 and 2019 and responds to feedback and addresses the questions taken from the audience at these seminars, looking at a wide range of issues including design procurement, construction and the management of existing housing stock. It is a direct response to real life problems that need to be solved urgently and uses current, shared knowledge from experts across the industry to solve them and, where necessary, will apply for funding to tackle these issues.

If you have expertise to share or questions to answer, you can contact and find out more about BIM 4 Housing here.