A Golden Thread for Asset Management

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Andrew de Silva will be speaking at BIM Show Live 2019 on Thursday 28th February, together with Lloyd Patman of Airey Miller Project Management and George Stevenson of ActivePlan BIM Consultants. They will be discussing the importance of the digital ‘golden thread’ in construction projects and the enormous potential it has for clients and design teams alike.

On a typical construction project, an enormous amount of information is generated, too often in an unstructured and poorly co-ordinated way. An effective Common Data Environment to record and store all this information digitally can eradicate waste, reduce risk and save on costs. For more information, see Andrew’s full article in BIM+.

This presentation looks at why and how we need to be using BIM Level 2 protocols combined with the expertise of the client, the design team and supply chain to create a robust digital record, a ‘golden thread’, through all projects.

For more information on the conference and details of how to book, click here.